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My Contribution to Learning in EDTC300

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Linked here is a Google Doc that has screenshots of my interactions on our class’ blogs and on Twitter!

Reflecting on Twitter:

Before this course, I was very unfamiliar with Twitter. Although we were encouraged to get it in my first few years of Education, I never really took the bait as I am not huge into using social media. When I first started using it for this class I found it super overwhelming and barely opened the app, even though we were supposed to be tweeting daily. As the weeks went on and I found people to follow and interact with who had similar interests as me I started to actually enjoy it! I have come across so many amazing resources for teachers and also shared a few myself! I don’t think I will be as active on there as I was for this semester but I will definitely keep it downloaded on my phone. I think it would be a great place for me to share my journey during my internship in the fall! It will also be a great tool for professional networking throughout my career. 

Reflecting on Blogging:

I had absolutely never blogged before this course and I’m not sure it is something I am going to keep up with. I found it very hard to sit down and write a blog post because why would someone care what I had to write about? I also struggled with taking the time to read through other people’s blogs because I had to do it on my laptop and scroll through our EDTC300 blog feed. I am definitely not the type of person that enjoys reading anything of considerable length digitally, so I was more entertained scrolling through Twitter because tweets are super short and sweet. I was also very envious of many people’s aesthetic blogs but couldn’t really get the hang of editing mine to look the way I wanted it to!

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