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Wrapping Up My Learning Project

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The semester has come to an end and it’s now time for me to wrap up my learning project before the summer ahead! I didn’t think that I would end up where I am now with my learning project. I was definitely intimidated by having to choose a skill to learn online and decided that painting would be the best because being creative is great for my mental health. I have learned a lot just through watching videos and looking at pictures online. I never thought that painting was something I could learn on my own, without attending a class! I have also gained many other skills along the way, such as learning to find what works for me with online learning and discovering new digital tools, such as DaVinci Resolve for editing videos. Painting is definitely something I will keep working on now that I have gotten my foot in the door!

Week One: Choosing My Learning Project

I had never blogged before or tried to learn a skill online so I was a bit nervous. I went back and forth for days about which skill I should choose to learn and even asked my friends to help me decide. I ended up choosing acrylic painting because I already had the materials that had been sitting around for years collecting dust because I didn’t have the courage to start. 

  • Talked about my interest in painting
  • Developed a plan of action
  • Set a goal for myself: painting like Van Gogh!

Week Two: My First Painting

My first post was about the cactus that I painted while trying to follow a YouTube tutorial. I described how I found the video a little too difficult for my level of expertise and how I made the painting my own. I also come up with the idea to stick with the plant theme for the rest of my paintings throughout the semester!

Week Three: Branching Out

This week I decided to paint a monstera plant! I recorded myself painting and edited the video using the application DaVinci Resolve. I talk about how DaVinci Resolve falls within the SAMR framework. I found it hard to follow along with the YouTube video because it was sped up and I had to keep pausing it, then would get distracted with painting and stray from the video. All in all I was happy with the outcome though!

Week Four: Adding Depth

For this week, I decided to paint mushrooms because I think they are super cute. The YouTube video I found was more real-time and showed step-by-step, so I found it easier to follow along. I tried my best to learn how to shade using paint and I was able to add some depth to my painting. 

Week Five: Changing It Up

I decided to try a new painting technique for this week, which was a silhouette painting on a monochromatic gradient background. Instead of watching a YouTube video, I looked at Pinterest for some ideas. I think the painting turned out really well, despite just winging it! 

Week Six: Final Painting

For my final painting, I decided to combine my love for portraits with my love for plants. I again used inspiration pictures from Pinterest, but of course, put my own spin on it. I wasn’t satisfied with the result but it is something I can keep working on improving!

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