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Monochromatic Magic

Posted in EDTC 300, and Learning Project

I decided to take a break from painting plants and move on to a different type of painting. I turned to Pinterest this time for some inspiration and found this cute monochromatic gradient painting with a silhouette! I did not try to recreate the painting exactly but instead painted a silhouette of Tinkerbell and chose more blue tones for the monochromatic background. Of course, with Pinterest, there is always a chance that when you click on the link it won’t take you anywhere useful. This link takes you to a site where you can sign up for a paint night, which would be cool but it was not what I was looking for. I was already set on making this type of painting though so decided to put my skills to the test and figure it out on my own while using the picture I found as simply inspiration!

The inspiration picture I found on Pinterest.

I am pretty happy with what I ended up making and I think it would be a nice gift for a younger kid! I love Disney but I don’t really care to hang up this painting in my room when it is filled with so much other artwork already.

The final outcome!

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